Standard Quilt Sizes
Baby 36" x 54"
Afghan/Lap 54" x 72"
Twin 54" x 90"
Double 72" x 90"
Queen 90" x 108"
King 108" x 108"

These sizes are a guideline and can vary as much as 10 inches in any direction for any bed size.

To determine the size of your quilt you will need to either pick a standard quilt size or actually measure the bed the quilt is for. To measure the bed follow the directions below.

1.    Measure the top of the bed for the width which is the blue line.
2.    For the amount to drop off the top which is the green line you will measure from the top of the mattress to where you want it to go. Comforters usually go to the bottom of the mattress (or top of the box spring). Coverlets go to the bottom of the box spring and bedspreads just about touch the floor. You should have the same drop off on both sides (left and right). The foot of the bed may be different but usually is the same as the sides.
3.    Then measure the length of the top which is the red line. Decide where the quilt will be put in relationship to the pillows to determine the edge of the quilt. If the pillows are to lay on top of the quilt or are they to be under the quilt and how much of a tuck they will have.
4.    If your quilt is to cover the pillows you may consider a tuck which is where the quilt is tucked under the pillows; a shallow tuck is 10 inches and a deep is 20 inches. You will want to measure the length of the pillows as well. If you are having problems measuring use a sheet to mimic where the quilt will be and then measure the sheet. The Pillow measurement will be included in the Top Length. The reason for the pillow measurement is in case there is to be some sort of pattern or blocks to be displayed/centered there.

Width:    Top___________    Drop (1 side) _____________ x 2      
Length:    Top___________    Drop (foot) _____________    Tuck__________    Pillow__________

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