Tina and I have been quilting since 2003. It all started with Tina wanting to make her daughter a quilt out of her old clothes. Tina wanted to learn how to quilt and I found her a class at a local college. Well, Tina didn't want to take the class by herself. I think she wanted someone to do her homework and carry her books. So I offered to take the class with her even though I had no interest in quilting at the time.

The instructor had us work on a different block each week and by the end of the class we had a completed quilt top. We started with a simple basket weave or sometimes called a split rail fence. It really taught us that you need to use a quarter inch foot. The first attempt we did we didn't use the right foot and the little pieces weren't square. We start out using a very old sewing machine that Tina's mother had given to her. I was so afraid of sewing a finger or two in it, that Tina did almost all of the sewing for both quilts. I quickly felt at ease cutting the fabric for us both on the cutting mat with a rotary blade. (I wore that mat out within a year making fleece throws.) The next block we did was the log cabin which I hate due to it never comes out measuring right for me. The third block was the Churn Dash which is one of our favorite blocks. The next was the Ohio Star which became one of Tina's favorite blocks. I think she likes all those points. The last few classes we learned about border blocks and other ways of framing or filling up a quilt.

Tina did a lovely purple quilt.

I used Christmas fabrics for my quilt.

We had a great time working on the quilts together and our kitten even got into the act. Scrapper loves when Tina and I are together and working with the fabrics. As you can see she loves to nestle in and help hold the fabric down.

Scrapper holding down my quilt while I work on it.

Scrapper finds a place among Tina's pieces.

Scrapper finds a perfect place to curl up and nap.

Scrapper testing out the quilt for comfort.

We took a second class from the same college/teacher and learned some even more challenging blocks. By this time Tina had gotten a new Singer sewing machine which I ended up doing most of the sewing on due to Tina injuring her back in an accident. This ended up to be a good thing for me well, I think. I got more into the quilting than I had planned. I found a good software package to help with the design of the quilts and blocks. I even attempted to design my own blocks which my first ended up on Tina's second quilt.

My second quilt was a Halloween themed quilt.

Tina's second quilt was very colorful. (That's Gizmo another one of our cats.)

This is a shot of the back of Tina's quilt top. I thought it was an interesting shot as many don't get to see what it looks like from that side.

We then found a class at a local quilt shop. This was for a style called "Stack n Wack". Basically you cut the material and stack it so that the pattern lines up and you cut the pieces out and use the section which should have all the same design on it. The end result is a kaleidoscope of the pattern. The concept of stacking and cutting would come back on me later as I found another quilt style to use.

Tina worked with a lovely flower pattern.

For my Stack n Wack I used a pattern that was underwater with manatees.

I found a wonderful piece of software to help in designing blocks and quilts called Electric Quilt. In 2005 Tina had decided that it was "The Year of The Quilt" and everyone in her family was going to get a quilt. With Tina still hurting from a back injury I had to step up to the plate and do all the sewing. My fear of the sewing machine was soon gone. I had been afraid of getting a finger caught in there; came close a few times. You can see some of the quilts from "The Year of The Quilt" in the Past Quilts section. With the love of math and working with my hands I found Quilting to be a wonderful hobby which has now grown into a business.

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